Join the Italian burners from Friday October 14th to Sunday 16th for a Burning Man inspired event, played around the 10 principles mixed with the Italian hosting culture (Yes, we are talking about food and wine and the rituals that our culture has developed over two thousand years).

If you never heard about the 10 principles of Burning Man, it’s the right time for doing it!!

The location is a new venue, near Narni (Umbria) 1,5 hours driving from Rome, with kitchen, toilets, camping space and parking.

Bring your tent, your furry coats and your love!

The agenda is still quite open, we can plan and decide whatever we like (remember, you are not a spectator! Eh eh eh!). We will need all your artistic and creative skills to decorate the location and create the perfect enviroment.

And of course we will build a man and burn it!

We'll have a sound system and some vj facilities.

But its not just a party so we are organizing a number of activities that, through the 10 principles, will drive you towards a celebration of the positive side of the Italian culture.

Welcome to the 2011 edition
14-16 oct 2011