Are you going to Black Rock City to attend Burning Man?
We are too!

This year that rappresents a mile stone in the evolution of BM Culture we are creating a lighthouse for the Italian Burners😉
We will create a small camp that may host up to 12 burners with the help of an experienced burner and the help of 3 restless Virgins that are well skilled to deal with different and unique problems.

We still do not know if we are going to be placed but as you know , or will know for sure , we need to be prepared to the unexpected 😉

The Camp is ElvisEspresso Problem Solvers Camp , we will serve caffè corretto plum grappa and our gift will be to help our neighbors or anybody in need of help.
Most important you will be able to camp with us and gift help too.

If you feel you want to join us please do and contact Luca trough his email:
You will receive all the info and we will answer all your questions 🙂

Be part of the Italian community and join us 🤗